Big Red Express Car Wash aerial Big Red Express Car Wash — Big Shine. Little Time.

Welcome to Big Red Express Car Wash! Big Red Express Car Wash is a high tech car wash system using
the latest technologies to bring you Big Shine in Little Time! It a nutshell, you drive into our wash, put your car in neutral and enjoy the ride! Following your high tech automatic wash, vacuums, towels and air hoses are available for your use. Here is a little more detail about what to expect when you come out to experience the Big Red Express Car Wash clean in West-Austin TX:

Big Red Express Car Wash Location

It’s hard to miss the super sleek and modern, big red, 150 foot, arch-covered, car wash tunnel, located at the corner of RM 2222 and FM 620. Turn into the driveway and head towards the right side of the tunnel towards the payment windows.

Hybrid Payment System

Big Red Express Car Wash -- Austin, TX

When you drive up to the payment entrance you will have three options:

  • Option #1: Teller — Stay to the far left and speak with our friendly teller. The teller will help you select and pay for the best car wash for your vehicle. They can also answer any of your questions and set you up with a car wash membership package.
  • Option #2: Pay Station — Pull up to one of the ICS Auto Sentry pay station kiosks and choose and pay for your car wash via the touch screen kiosk. Forms of payment accepted include: cash and credit. You can also pay for a membership but will need to drive back around to receive your membership tag from the teller.
  • Option #3: Car Wash Membership — You can purchase a car wash membership from the teller or from one of the kiosks. If purchased from a kiosk, please visit the teller window to pick up your membership tags. Your membership tag is a small sticker with a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) module attached to your account. Affix your Big Red Express Car Wash Membership RFID tag to the inside of your car windshield. Your RFID tag will be recognized when you drive up to the Car Wash Membership kiosk and the wash gate will open allowing you to enter the tunnel launch area.

Express Tunnel Launch Area

Once you make your payment or your RFID Car Wash Membership Tags are automatically recognized, the gated entry will open and you can drive into the Big Red Express tunnel launch area. An attendant will help insure that your vehicle is ready to make its way safely through the tunnel. On your left you will also see a loading screen that will give you instructions for entering into the tunnel. The unique conveyorized system will take you through the tunnel without the need of rolling brackets or sleigh shoes that can damage wheel rims and tires. Simply follow the on screen instructions for driving onto the conveyor belt and sit back and enjoy the ride.